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30 District Teachers Earn Gold Stars

At the close of the school year, 28 teachers in RSU22 received Gold Star Awards from students and their families for their exemplary teaching.

For a gift of $25, which goes to the Mini Grants for Teachers Program, teachers received an award certificate and letter from Foundation President Peter Witt. In all, 31 awards were given out, netting $775 for the Mini Grants Program.

Teachers receiving awards this year were:

At Smith Elementary School: Jeanie Barton, Cythnia Breare, Kathryn Gould and Heather Patterson.

At Wagner Middle School: Dana Ross

At McGraw Elementary School: Marcie Bell-Boure; Anna Corey; Sara Devine; Marsha Englehardt; Caitlin Fitzpatrick; Kathy Gerry; Amy Hanson; Adam Knowles; Heather Knowles; Patricia Lyons; and Leah Smith.

At Weatherbee Elementary School: Kasey Cole; Jennifer Jones; Angel Gaudreau; Margaret Klotzle; and Susan O’Brien.

At Reeds Brook Middle School: Karyn Field and Rebecca Mallory.

At Hampden Academy: Joel Hills; Ben Johnson; Kathryn King; Sam Mahart; John Merrithew; and Brad Veitch. Brian Bannen also received a Gold Star Award at the end of first semester.