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Who We Are

The Education Foundation is a nonprofit, 501c3 organization of dedicated volunteers working in partnership with the RSU22 School Board to benefit our students, teachers and schools.

We are led by a 15-member board of directors who represent Frankfort, Hampden, Newburgh and Winterport.


What We Do

We foster innovation and excellence in RSU22 schools by raising funds and generating community-wide support.


Jonathan-Henry-Headshot-9-15-12Foundation Board Member Jonathan Henry:

"It is abundantly evident that public support of our schools is diminishing. It is clear that we need individuals, communities, and businesses to help fill the gaps to ensure we maintain excellence; healthy schools mean vibrant communities and businesses. We need to invest in the kids. They are our future, and Maine needs them to succeed to secure the future of our state." -- Jonathan Henry, Foundation Board Member

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